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There isn’t much to say about me but it seems stupid to just put a page with my email up.  I’m 19, from the Southern US, and am currently attending university, majoring in sociology and minoring in women’s studies (duh).  Similar to most bloggers, I’m supa dupa white and middle class.  Which means I in all likelyhood have a propensity to be a moron on racial and class issues, though I try not to be.  When I’m not browsing blogs or forced to be in class, I’m reading books, or fanfiction, listening to j/k/c-urban music, occasionally playing games, and drawing.  Yes, I am a nerd.

I can’t really avoid talking about my personal issues or my past a lot of the time, because they tie in so heavily to my thought process and my beliefs.  I really believe in sharing experiences anyhow-the idea that we should separate theory and politics from our lives is a bunch of male crap.  If that makes me a “trauma junkie,” as one male put it, so be it-better than being a porn junkie.

If you want have something to say, just email me.  My address is: anonifem [at symbol] gmail [dot] com.


3 responses to “About / Contact

    • Oh man, talk about total opposites! xD
      Maybe if someone goes searching for the pageant they’ll end up here someday. Muahaha.

  1. your banner picture just made my day 🙂

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