Powerpoints Suck


But for Frommer, precisely because it simplifies and reduces everything to bullet points, it easily hides the emptiness of propositions behind buzzwords and provides visual distractions and quick changes that don’t give the audience a chance to critically examines the ideas or proposals presented to them.

Pretty much sums up everything I hate about them.  But of course teachers almost always use them now. It drives me insane.  I swear they suck the energy out of the room and kill discussion entirely.  I wish I could read the book, but I don’t know any french.

I dunno why exactly I’m putting this here.  I just thought it was a really interesting analysis.

7 responses to “Powerpoints Suck

  1. ppt is neither good nor evil, it depends on how it is used.
    I’ve seen academic presentations that utilise the handouts and other additional material.
    I’ve also seen clueless (male) people hide behind the glitz and bullet points, to cover up the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about.

    • I agree entirely-I just haven’t seen any professor but one use it well. And I wish it wasn’t the go-to thing for student projects too. They’re awkward and awful enough for everyone involved…

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    @FAB Libber, my point was not that PPT is all evil but that it makes it all too easy to hide crap under snazzy format.

    • That was indeed my final point SocProf.

      It is fairly easy to tell if the person presenting is clueless or not. If they only read out the bullet points (rather than talking around them), rely on distracting graphics & animations, and do not provide additional material – then they are clueless.

      Having viewed / made / presented many ppts over 13 years, it’s a piece of cake to tell the bullshitters from the knowledgeable.

  3. I hate PPP’s just because in my units, they never slow down over them so you can take in the information, they speed through them like a mother bitch.

  4. Power Point lectures are a cover for people who aren’t very good teachers. I’m so sick of them, and avoid that type of education at all costs. But, it gives me great power in a classroom, because I don’t need that stuff to engage powerfully an audience. Don’t need it at all.

  5. I hate PowerPoint- I would rather stand in front of people and lecture away. But NO! IMHO, PP is not dynamic enough- you always have to stand in close proximity to the laptop to turn the pages and cannot move freely about the room. I usually shy way from giving presentations no matter which medium I have/choose to use but all this clicking makes it much more awkward than need be.

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