Who the Bitch

I cannot express how much I love this band.  Their music, their clothes, their hair, their personalities…all of it.  They are so over the top fun.  This is their most recent single, from just a few months ago, and now they’re releasing another one at the end of this month.  Oh my gawd I am so pumped.  This totally made my shitty week better.

Stay tuned for your normal depressing radical feminist blogging.

7 responses to “Who the Bitch

  1. Ms.c, you have a transwoman invading your space. It’s really gross. Just as an FYI, I strongly suspect that he is the same one that was threatening to skin the women over at AROOO. The tone of the writing is exactly the same. It’s really creepy to read. You don’t have to publish them either, but you will have to start queueing your comments which is time consuming. It’s a dilemma I know. The other option is to select the option where if you approve them once, then all their comments are allowed. But that’s very easy to get around. Good luck.

    • Huh. Can I ask how you know its a transperson? I assumed they were someone from 4chan places who stumbled across this because the name of my blog is a 4chan term (didn’t realize that), so I figured being trolled by them is inevitable at some point. And they put their website as encyclopedia dramatica.

  2. hey ms.c…its just a feeling really. they stick out like sore thumbs, and this one sounds exactly like the one from AROOO.

    sorry you are getting 4chan traffic! that sucks.

    • Oh yeah, it’s cool. I assume it’s 4chan traffic but who knows. Femanon I think is basically a joke about Anonymous when it’s a female poster-because hur hur there’s no girls on the internet. I believe /b/ actually filters it to say “cumdumpster,” or I read that somewhere. Wouldn’t touch that place with a ten-foot pole to find out, tho.

      I actually didn’t know this association until after I had already started blogging. I was thinking more along the lines of a support group (like al anon but for feminism) and the fact I pretty much have to remain anonymous, if I ever decide to go into law or academia. Especially since I’d want to get up to the ranks of DA, if at all possible.

  3. OK no idea how I came across your site…. read bits and pieces… I like your blogging style… not a big fan of the radical feminist viewpoint… Though there are probably too few people who care enough to keep flying the flag… so respect for that… ok so that’s all I had to say… tidy, introspective blog… credit. Oh thats right … was a bout to leave then clicked on Who The Bitch … love ’em! so obviously that was the purpose for me coming here… love life. B.

    • Well, thank you for the complements, even if you dun like the radfem philopshy. Who the Bitch is an awesome band. If you like them, then I’d also have to recommend GO!GO!7188 and ZipZap.

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