Sex-Positive Bingo

Until I finish the posts I’m working on, I figure I might as well share a “bingo card” I made quite a while ago modeled after similar cards for racism, sexism, rape-apologism, et cetera.   (Don’t look forward to new posts-the one I finish will most likely be the one on fanfiction, pffft.)

It would be more aptly called “sex-industry apologism bingo,” but that’s too fucking long of a title so I just went with “sex-positive,” although the term is problematic.  Suggestions on what to change or anything else are welcome, of course.  Click for full size!  Sorry the preview is so blurry.


32 responses to “Sex-Positive Bingo

  1. Love it and the colour scheme of it Ms.C!

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  3. Brilliant.

  4. i love the color scheme and the lettering in the header. its perfect. also, i dont know if this will fit anywhere, but the response i keep getting to any of my piv-critical posts from the fun fems is, and i am not even fucking kidding: “I FUCKING LOVE PIV.” yes, they actually say “fucking.” its yours if you want it.

    • Haha, I aimed for a ‘fun” look. I can’t believe I didn’t use something like that in my bingo, now that I look at it. Do you think it would still work as well if it was “But I like PIV/BDSM/whatever”? I’m not sure which of the boxes I would put this in instead of what’s currently there. I’m leaning towards putting that in place of the “if there’s consent it’s harmless” or the “you’re just slut shaming” one?

      • No, those are too good to get rid of ms.c. it will be hard to clear a spot actually, yours are all pretty good. Maybe an asterisk after “sex positive bingo” with a footnote at the bottom “I fucking love piv!!!111!11” heh. It’s just a thought.

  5. Ahahahaha!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!

  6. Clever as all get out!

  7. Thanks y’all! I really appreciate it. ❤

  8. Love it!! And bookmarked it, so I won’t have to search for it again. 🙂 FCM’s slogan is good, and necessary. I would get rid of “johns are just lonely” cos that idea is kinda covered by “most johns are normal married men” — but you could change THAT one to “most johns are lonely married men” heh.

  9. Btw, true story: One dude said that the reason he was massively depressed was because his wife would never perform oral.

    • Wow, that is pathetic. Is this why women are more prone to depression, because men never go down on us? Pffft.

      I remember a dude once saying his girlfriend was “making him” go down on her. By making him he didn’t mean nagging, pressuring, or forcing, oh no-she had said she wouldn’t go down on him if he didn’t on her. Because he obviously is entitled to it, and saying you won’t do it anymore unless he returns the favor sometimes is akin to blackmail. :/ Wut.

  10. Course it doesn’t cover the single johns…

    Anyway, about the serial posting. Pretend I’m Polly except not as funny.

  11. It might be fun to create a special ‘Sez-poz Men’s Edition’ bingo card. They don’t half come out with some crackers!

  12. I so love this. Can some of us on youtube use it as a background for awhile?

    Fun with graphics!

    • Oh yeah, feel free to use it for as long as you want. (Edit: Everyone feel free to, I mean) If you have photoshop, I can give you the original .psd too if you’d think you wanna edit it for specific videos or somethin’.

  13. I found this by way of Anti-Social Butterfly, and I have to let you know that it’s just so spot on.

  14. Haha, that is funny! You also should do a radfem trauma roulette to reflect the pitiful shards of human wreckage comprising your community.

  15. oh goody! a transwoman. boy it just cant be any more obivous, can it? sheesh.

  16. I can’t make the bingo work. Isn’t it supposed to open to something when I click on a square?

    A trans. They must have shut down comments on all the Yay porn/legalize prostititution news stories. They’ve been over there posting celebration with addies like “cutie pie” and {“38DD”.
    What was it I read somewhere, they’re encouraged to keep their new tunnels exercised or they’ll shrivel up.

    • Oh no, it’s just for a visual kind of reference. It only gives you a larger version when you click. Though now that you mention it, I do have a pirated copy of Flash. If it’s easy to figure out, I might make it markable.

      Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s as transperson, because they seem to be totally 4chan inundiated. Though it wouldn’t surprise me to find supposed “liberals” or “feminists” going there. And yup, neovaginas do have to be dilated consistently. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

  17. yeah, encyclopaediadramatica is innundated with 4chan. They may well be one and the same.

  18. I have an encylcopediadramatica page about myself. I have come a long way in the internet drama.

    • Really?! That’s insane! You haven’t even been around that long, have you? I’d imagine it’s probably by those sex-positives you debate with all the time making it? Not surprised their 4channers, really, from how they behave. But you’d think they’d at least try and appear to not like the most vile of misogynists. *sigh*

  19. I’ve been around for donkey’s years and I don’t have one. I have had trouble with them though.

  20. Awesome. Totally awesome. I thought I would be the only one against “sex positivism” by now! This has really lifted me up 😀

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